What Lies Beneath 

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This course will change your life...

Did you know that hidden in your subconscious there are stories we tell ourselves that dictate our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviours? These stories are part of your brain programming. Many are set in childhood and throughout the first half of our life.

Often we don't even know they are there until we do a bit of digging beneath the surface. 

Bearing in mind 95% of what we do and think each day is subconscious and only 5% conscious - we can make a huge difference to our lives if we let go of some of the unhelpful stuff hidden in our subconscious mind.

It's time to take "Half-Time" from your life to uncover these stories and rewrite them for the better. 

So you can make the rest of your life the best of your life!

What's inside?

> You'll get to understand how the brain works and how empowering this can be in daily life.

> Be happier in life and more productive at work

> You'll develop self-belief which will help you move through life empowered, confident, feeling worthy and enough.

> Understand self-sabotage. Where you get in your own way and why. Plus you'll get tools and techniques to help you get out your own way.

> You'll learn how to catch a trigger before it takes over so you can respond in a more calm and conscious way when you feel your buttons getting pressed.

> You'll learn that you can forgive and let go of the past and step into a future and life you love. One that you intentionally design. 

> Once you recognise the dynamics that shaped your early life, you can create a new path for yourself.

> You'll be defining what success means to you, without the influence and baggage from the first half of life.

The course includes 5 Modules, Videos and Workbooks that will transform the way you think and feel and in turn, will help you be happier and more productive.

The time is now!

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Can you commit to choosing you?

If you're serious about upgrading your mindset, feeling more freedom, and like your true self - you can and quicker than you might think. You can complete the five modules in just five weeks or sooner.

If you commit to yourself and the process you'll see a change in your life like never before. Once you understand how your brain works it's like a new light turns on in your life. And this new knowledge has a positive influence on all your relationships in life and work.

Learning about yourself and how your brain has programmed itself is so powerful. I promise you, you won't regret learning this stuff. In fact, I'm 100% sure you'll wish you'd have done this work sooner!

The enemy of results is procrastination so I encourage you to take the leap today, give yourself the gift of more energy, a new mojo,  feeling empowered, confident, and with the best of your life ahead of you.

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What people say...

WOW! My mind has been blown by this course. This is the sort of stuff I wish I'd known years ago. 

It has helped me understand myself at a much deeper level. And helped me see the "fake news" I've been telling myself which has kept me stuck for years.

Lucy's warm and engaging style is really easy to watch / listen to and the workbooks help you work on what Lucy's been teaching in the videos. 

The modules build upon each other to create a life-changing experience. I've had big breakthroughs (some quite emotional) through this process.

The best thing is I feel so much wiser and more in control of my life. 

Business Owner

I was lucky enough to be one of the first to go through this course on its Pilot. 

It's great! 

Every week I had a lightbulb moment that helped me see where my thoughts and feelings had been coming from. 

I was surprised how influenced we still are by parents even in mid-life! It's changed the way I think and feel about the past and the future!

It's really helped me stop and think about what I want from life, where I am now and where my past has been stopping me.

I didn't think that this course was going to boost my self-confidence as much as it did, but it really has.

All the tools Lucy gives you and the workbooks too help give so much clarity to the process. 

I feel excited for the future I'm going to create.

Course pilot attendee & Business Owner

I loved Lucy’s course What lies Beneath. I came to it wanting to work on an area of personal development that had been holding me back. 

The structured approach and tools allowed me to attend to a negative message I was giving myself that was rooted in childhood.

 I found the visioning exercise very powerful and it helped make a shift in my perspective that I know I can sustain, which makes me feel good! 

Thank you Lucy!

Course Pilot attendee & Career Coach